Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Everydad just wants to bang on the drum all day

The thing is, nobody actually wants to see the real face of Goodtimes Everydad. (but you can see him at 1:50)

You can't really trust Goodtimes Dad. Goodtimes Mom will maybe drink a little too much wine, wear a low cut top, fall a little too deep into credit card debt and then pass out in the bathtub.

You might just catch Goodtimes Dad home at 2pm wearing an x-tra large negligee and hiding a dead prostitute in the crawlspace.

Everydads, you just better keep on checking those work emails, stay away from those carnival cruises, and for gods sake keep that shirt TUCKED IN, for the good of the family unit.

You just can't trust Goodtimes Dad.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Road Trip!

There will obviously be more on Clint Eastwood, the auteur of the EveryDad, but for now we will stick to him in his finest role, that the EveryDad forced his kids to watch every single time it was on TBS: "Every Which Way But Lose" and its sequel "Any Which Way You Can." I am pretty sure there is no difference between these two truck-driving-buddies-with-an-orangutan-Films, though apparently imdb begs to differ.

Confession: I don't actually remember anything about these movies.  But this amazing trailer says it all and provides all the arguments you would ever need to see this movie:

And Maude from Harold and Maude is in it! Maybe the EveryDad has point....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Royal EverDad

Most people don't really think Robin Williams is funny anymore, but our favorite EveryDad from across the pond sure does! Here they are "having a laugh" at some comedy thing. Is that Eric Idle in a dress?

But that does lead us to uncharted EverDad territory. The EveryDad would do anything for his kids, even cross-dressing. Also: wearing either a fat suit or a dress has also been widely accepted as the highest form of comedy.

But Robin Williams still isn't funny, neither is Eddie Murphy.